How Long Does SEO Take To Bring Your Website On Top?

If I’m not wrong, one thing that always bothers a business owner or a person having a website is “How long does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) take to show results?”
This is not just the one’s question; this is a common question of millions of people around the world.
And if, you are the one having the same question in your bucket, let me break the ice and walk you through the truth?

Let’s start from the scratch

How Long Does SEO Take ?

In short words, to get the fruitful results from SEO, at least 6 months of time have been estimated and I am quite agreed with this time frame.

Just wait….!!

It’s not over for you. You have got a lumpsum idea about the time period in which one can bring a website ranking at 1st page of Google or other search engines .

This may not be the answer you are looking for, or this time period may not be an accurate figure in case of your website. Sometimes, we get good results in 3 months of SEO work and sometimes it takes us even a year. So, to recognize the overall concept of website ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages), we have to go through a number of SEO factors.

Next, you will find many things that will totally surprise you.!!

Let’s dive into the deep…

To understand how much time will really take in SEO, we will have to check below points first. In the meantime, you can also measure your website on these parameters so that you get an idea at what level your website is well-matched to these standards.

Top 8 Things That Helps Us To Understand How Long Does SEO Take To Work.

Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Website Design
Webpage Content
Domain Age
Previous SEO Work
The Right Approach
Google Algorithm Update

1. Competitor Analysis

Nowadays, SEO has become a bit difficult due to the rapid growth of competitors in this industry. So, it’s not a misconception to say that competition matters in SEO.

“Doing a competitive analysis is very important….”

If you have a competitive business niche you have to wait a little longer to rank high on Google. In contrast, a low competitive business model ranks more easily on search engines.

BusinessExpected Time Duration
High Competition6-12 months
Low Competition3-6 months

2. Keyword Research

If your targeted keywords (search terms) are relevant to your business, you will achieve your ranking goal by a satisfactory time period. On other hand, poor keyword research can drag you away from the ranking competition.

“Make sure you are doing SEO on the right keywords.”

Your targeted keywords should be:
• High volume, low competitive
• Long tail keywords
• Highly relevant to your business

3. Website Design

A good structure website can be easy to rank in comparison to a poor design website. A neat & clean site design earns the trust of visitors as well as the search engines.

“So, if SEO plan is in your box, keep focus on your website design & development part also.”

4. Webpage Content

In the SEO industry we’ve often heard that content is the king and this line justifies itself. A website that has unique & healthy content ranks fast on search engines.

“Double check everything you write for the content uniqueness, if you really want to win this ranking hurdle in the estimated time period.”

Pros of high-quality contents available in a webpage:

• Reduces website’s bounce rate.
• Increases new visitors on website.
• Increases returning visitors.

5. Domain Age

Many SEO experts believe that those websites which are old domain age get some advantages in ranking and I agree with this opinion to a large extent. A newly created website has zero DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) value, whereas an old domain website has definitely some DA and PA. High DA and PA means your site is highly recognized by search engines and they certainly get more weightage than new sites.

Also keep this in mind…

If you want to create a win-win situation for your SEO campaign then… “Choose your domain name wisely, otherwise it will cos you lately.”

6. Previous SEO Work

If you have already done some SEO work on your website and now planning to resume it, in this case it will take less time to rank it than a fresh website.

What does a fresh website mean?
A website which is newly created or a website having no any SEO work done before is sound as a fresh website in the SEO industry.

7. The Right Approach

The time frame basically depends on how you plan and execute your SEO strategy. A right approach could be an elixir for your SEO campaign whereas a bad approach acts like a toxin. I have seen that people often do mistakes here and so they struggle in the ranking.

Best way to initiate any SEO campaign…
“Make an action plan, review it for any missing term and then execute.”

In SEO, focus equally on every aspect whether it is an On-page SEO, Off-page SEO or a Technical SEO. If you are paying more attention to one thing and less to others, then it can harm your overall SEO effort.

8. Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update is just like a killer shark for your SEO campaign. When a major update rolls out, its impact on ranking can be seen globally. In most cases, it has been seen that a new update has a negative effect on the website ranking.

So, you have to prepare yourself for it.

There is a saying “you can’t stop the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair”.

Similarly, you can’t stop a google algorithm update from rolling out but you can definitely minimize the negative impact of it on your ranking with a preplan action.


We have crossed a long route by the way and eventually we are now at that point where we will sum-up the entire post.
Does SEO work? The straight answer is Of course yes!
What a sigh of relief for you. Isn’t it?
In most of the cases SEO pay you back. But it requires high patience.

In answer of question – how long does SEO take to rank a website? I’ll just add up a line here – six months can be a healthy time period in SEO if you initiate your campaign with the right approach and your website truly justifies the above-mentioned parameters.

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