Refund Policy

The fees is refundable on only the below mentioned conditions :-

The first two lectures of any course will be considered as demo classes and if a candidate is not able to understand or not satisfied with the lecture then he/she has to inform to the admission department after the end of the second class. In this case, the fee paid by the candidate will be refundable after deducting the registration fees of Rs 500/-

For every other condition apart from the above condition the fees once paid by the student is non-refundable in any case whatsoever which may include cases such as relocation of candidates, non-attending classes due to getting hired by any company, non-attending classes due to competitive / academic exams preparation, non-attending classes due to family / personal or any other reasons whatsoever.

In the above conditions the candidates will be provided a membership card of 1-year wherein he/she can attend the course for up to one year from the date of fees payment.

The fee once paid by the candidate is non-transferable on account of any other admission referred by the candidate.